Have You Ever Considered Doing MA in Ethnic and Migration Studies?

Tackling a number of the various demanding matters in today’s globe, the program in ethnic and migration studies narrates civilization and relocation to economic and cultural change internationally, and to structures of power and confrontation movements. As a student, you learn to analyze the origins of migration; as well as its penalties for promising creations of race, gender, labor, nationality, health, safety and civilization. Moreover, this program is multifaceted, incorporating the humanities and the social sciences, and conscious of an obligation to significant, inventive and helpful approaches to subjects and troubles within the wide field of ethnic and migration studies.

Students Will Gain a Lot

Students of diverse academic backgrounds are always welcome; to avail the benefits of this international degree having involved various visiting researchers and academic activities. In addition, you will expand a wide-ranging grab of the field of ethnic and migration studies and get equipped for positions in local and international organizations, management, industry, or governmental sectors, as well. The masters in ethnic and migration program comprised of a blend of obligatory courses and electives; as well that will permit students an individual specialization, various options to learn abroad, numerous choices for internships, and research opportunities with faculty.

High Level of Participation of Students

Teaching in ethnic and migration studies engages formats; with an elevated level of participation of students. Moreover, the various teaching forms include regular classes, lectures, seminars, individual, group discussions, assignments, homework etc. Within the degree program, you get several opportunities with specialization and concentration on selected lines of study by the sensible choice of courses. In addition to the coursework you get regularly; you will pursue different seminars and lecture meetings with the faculty.

Learning Is a Prime Objective

During the study for this degree; students will also focus on attending various seminars that deal with queries of different procedures and topic selection in preparation for the master’s thesis. The terms mainly dedicated to the creation of thesis of students including areas of historical and sociological perspectives; on the means in which migration has outlined human history and culture. In addition, there will be an in-depth academic knowledge in the field of studies of intersectional migration; globalization and its connection to varying circumstances for labor and migration.